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Moving to Tumblr

After about a year of this wordpress blog I have decided to move over to Tumblr.
It’s easer to use on the go and I can link more things like Instagram to it.
You can find me at


Led Zeppelin: Dazed and Confused

I grew up on Led Zeppelin and getting the Led Out with the local Rock stations. They were the first band that I was really into. I really had no choice because it’s what my father listened to and out of it all Led Zeppelin along with Pink Floyd stood out. Dazed and Confused is one of the finest examples of why Led Zeppelin continues to rock and blow minds. I keep coming back to this music with fresh ears and each time I am amazed at how innovative this band was. 


Last week we lost a legend in the surf community. At his peak no one could touch him. His cutback defined a generation and forged new directions for future generations to add to. To be blunt, Michael Peterson defined power surfing.

Noserides and belly slides

via Wegener’s Finless Frontier.

Brucennial 2012

This painting is in the Brucennial 2012.

Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 2011

Harderer. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer.
February 29, 6-9 pm
159 Bleecker Street, NYC
(between Thompson and Sullivan)
Exhibition will be open from March 1 – April 20
WED – SUN, 12 – 6 pm

Surfer Blood: Floating Vibes

I have to support the home team. Surfer Blood is from Florida. They rock!

There is something about being from Florida the breeds creative energy. I think it’s because if you live there it’s really boring. Which is actually good for artist because being board is when you start to discover internal space and imagination takes over. Living in Florida there is an overwhelming feeling that the place you call home is really created for people that visit on vacation. Nothing really interesting ever happens much but with all of the coming and going of travelers interesting people do come through. Evidence that there is more to the world that lay just outside the vacation bubble.

Be a connector.

This is a great article and I can totally relate. I’ll write more about this later. In the mean time enjoy this article. 

Forget Networking. Be a Connector.


We all know people like them, people who seem to know everyone. They’re always able to help — or if they can’t, they know someone who can. You meet them for the first time and in 15 minutes, you’re talking with them like you’re childhood friends. They’re successful, smart and funny, with a likable touch of self-deprecation. And they’re interested in everything.

Who are they? Connectors. Take Maryam Banikarim, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Gannett, publisher of USA Today. She has a perfect job for a connector — she helps link Gannett’s various newspapers and media outlets “and bring the pieces together.”