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Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs


A$AP Rocky


33 ways

Pay close attention to #24

The Roots: Web


There is no surf in Montauk.

Beastie Boys: Sabrosa

Ira Glass on the creative process

Ira does a great job talking about the struggles of working creatively. Most people who are not creative think it’s easy. That we sit around daydreaming and waiting for inspiration to strike. Nothing could be further from the truth. What the public does not see is the years of mediocre work, years of trying and failing, years of making good work but nobody is paying attention. Through it all we do not stop. We keep working and push through to the next song, design, story, painting or sculpture. I think the one thing he missed was the moment a creative person finally learns to trust him/herself. It’s at that moment when you get your wings and really start to fly.

Thanks to Rachael Wren for sharing.